24 Hours of Hope

Funds raised so far

Please support us as we try to help other kids like Justin, a previous-year's beneficiary of 24 Hours of Hope.

Please support us as we try to help other kids like Justin, a previous-year’s beneficiary of 24 Hours of Hope.


Last year this event raised over $75,000 to support our holiday efforts. It is our hope that 24 Hours of Hope lV will surpass its goal of over $100,000 this year. This year’s event is being based out of the  Edge Fitness Club in Norwalk and throughout the country in local clubs & venues over the weekend of October 12th and 13th.  It is our hope that not only will ALL of last year’s participants  join with us again this year; We hope to encourage many more  friends, family members and business colleagues around the country to join in and support this worthwhile cause via our new expanded efforts.

Every Hour Counts !!!  At 24 Hours of Hope lV

Sadly, each year the number of children and families who battle cancer, rare blood diseases and severe financial hardship continue to grow. For these families, there are no bailouts or subsidies coming to their aid. Without the funds that we raise…Without the work that we do, these children will continue to live in despair and hopelessness.

Please do all you can to support our work and this very important fundraising activity . We truly need every dollar !

God Bless You for all that you will do in support of this event.

Al DiGuido,


Our Mission

Al’s Angels is a 501C3 organization founded by Al DiGuido along with his friends and colleagues over 10 years ago with its primary mission to provide critical aid to children and families who are challenged with cancer, rare blood diseases and severe financial hardship. Over the past 8 years, Al’s Angels has provided holiday meals and toys to over 12,000 families and nearly 20,000 children. Without the work of Al’s Angels, these children and family would not have any joy during the holiday season.

Provide children and families in the tri-state area suffering with life threatening cancer and rare blood diseases with holiday meals and gifts. Families who have literally been wiped out financially due to the incredible battle that they are facing on a daily basis to save the lives of their children. We cannot stand on the sidelines and watch our fellow human family members suffer alone.

Our Goal

Raise over $100,000 for this effort to be used to purchase the food and toys that will bring  joy this holiday season to over 3000 families and nearly 5000 children dealing with cancer, rare blood diseases & severe financial hardship.

Where & When

The Edge Fitness Clubs

542 Westport Avenue
(Behind the Bed Bath & Beyond)
Norwalk, CT

October 5th – Synergy Yoga – 1:30pm-3:30pm – 340 Post Road Fairfield

October 13th –Zumbathon – 1pm-5pm – St. Aloysius Gym – New Canaan, CT

October 12th & 13th – Title Boxing – Norwalk -10am, Noon, 2pm Sessions

October 12th – Row with the Angels – BK Athletics – Fairfield 6:30am- 1:00pm